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November 22, "Good Marriage Day," was the number one proposal in November! The most popular proposal bouquet is roses Surveys conducted by month for marriage proposals


Shinflower Co. (Headquarters: Okayama, Okayama Prefecture; Salon: Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo), which processes dried and pressed flowers for long-term preservation for proposal bouquets and wedding bouquets, asked 500 men, "When did you propose to me? What day would you recommend?" (Headquarters: Okayama, Japan; Toranomon Salon, Minato-ku, Tokyo) conducted a survey of 500 men on "When did you propose?

When would you like to propose?

In this issue, we report on the situation by month and the details for November.

Details of the results of this survey can be found on the following page.


When did you propose? What is your recommended date?

When did you propose? Specifically, what month? We conducted a survey of 500 men.

Outline of the survey

Survey target: Men who responded to the web survey

Number of persons surveyed: 500

Survey period: July 2023

In which month did you propose?

January: 5.2

February: 5.6%.

March: 6.4

April : 7.4% May : 9.2

May: 9.2%.

June: 10.6

July: 9.6

August: 7.2

September : 6.2

October : 9.4% (9.4%)

November : 6.2% (6.2%)

December: 17.0%.

In which month did you propose?

When men were asked about the month in which they proposed, December was found to be the prominent month. In addition to being the end of the year, Christmas, one of the biggest events for couples, seems to have something to do with this.

June, a popular month for weddings, also has a relatively large number of reports, but overall there is not a large difference, and the reports tend to be generally dispersed.

So why did men choose these months as the timing of their proposals?

Let's take a look at the reasons for choosing November as a proposal date, as well as some recommended dates.

November Proposal: November 22 is "Good Marriage Day" [31 votes, 6.2%].

November Proposal.

Perhaps because Christmas is coming up the following month, the number of proposals in November is not very high. However, there are many reports of proposals on anniversaries of couples and on days with good luck.

The date is a good match with Good Married Couple's Day, and both couples were able to take consecutive holidays (Date: November 22 / Location: Place of their memories).

Because November 22 is "Iifu Fuu" day. (Date: November 22 / Location: Night view and illumination spot)

I did it because it is a good married couples' day. (Date: November 22 / Location: A place with a view of the sea)

I proposed on her birthday. (Date: November 20 / Location: Either of our houses) ・We chose this date because we wanted to make a little surprise by proposing to her on the pretense of celebrating her birthday.

November 3 is a holiday on Culture Day and her birthday (Date: November 3 / Location: Either of our houses)

Because it was the anniversary of the beginning of our relationship and my favorite season. (Date: November 30 / Location: A memorable place for both of them)

Not only were their anniversaries popular, but also the comment that they chose November 22, "Good Marriage Day," stood out. It is also important to note that the following day is a national holiday.

In addition, here are some recommended proposal dates in November, based on word choice and other factors.

Recommended proposal date: November 23

Reason: "Good Marriage Day. (It is also a national holiday from the previous day, "Good Marriage Day.

Recommended bouquets for November proposals

Here is a ranking of the types of bouquets chosen for November proposals.

No. 1: Roses

No. 2: Gerberas

No. 3: Birthday flowers/birth month flowers

The birth month flower for November is the cyclamen. There are many cases in which flowers of her birth month are given instead of the month in which the proposal is made.

I have always wanted to give her a bouquet of roses when I proposed to her, and I liked the language of flowers (flower: rose / place: a place that holds memories for both of us).

Because the flower of her birth month is the gerbera. The flower of her birthday month is the gerbera, and the language of flowers is also "always moving forward" (Flower: Gerbera / Location: Night view, illumination spot)

I thought that the flower of the month of the other person's birth would be easier to convey my feelings to the other person (Flower: Birthday flower, flower of the month of birth / Location: Place of memories for the two)

ShinFlower offers long-term preservation services for bouquets given as marriage proposals. We would appreciate it if you could bring the flowers to our Toranomon Salon in Minato-ku, Tokyo, or mail them to our main office in Okayama as soon as possible.

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