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Jumbo dumplings to end the year 2023 with one year-end jumbo lottery ticket Enjoy Baseball & Rugby Gyoza" appeared at Gyoza Antei!


Gyoza Antei Shinjuku Memories Yokocho will offer a new menu item, "Enjoy Baseball & Rugby Gyoza," featuring the popularity of baseball and rugby, which have been particularly exciting in the world of sports this year, from Tuesday, November 21 to Friday, December 22, for ¥1,500 (tax included) with a draft beer and a limited quantity of five plates per day. The menu will be offered in a limited quantity of five dishes per day. Customers who order this menu item will also be eligible to win the "Year-End Jumbo Lottery," which offers a chance to win the first prize of 700 million yen (?). The menu also includes a free gift of a "Year-End Jumbo Lottery Ticket," which may be used to win the first prize of 700 million yen.

The owner of the restaurant, who has been a lottery fan for 30 years, has devised an original menu with a set of draft beer for customers who dream of becoming millionaires, based on the themes of baseball and rugby, which have been the focus of excitement in Japan throughout the year, including the spring WBC, summer Koshien, autumn Japan Series, and World Cup. The menu is based on the theme of Baseball and Rugby. Two jumbo gyoza (dumplings) in the shape of baseball and rugby balls are placed on a plate covered with chives to resemble a grass field, making it a perfect dish to end the year 2023. This year-end, enjoy the new menu, which was created based on the free-flowing concept of "Enjoy Gyoza" instead of "Enjoy Baseball," and try to win a Jumbo Lottery ticket to win the first prize of 700 million yen, a home run-level jackpot! How about trying to win the first prize of 700 million yen?

Enjoy Baseball & Rugby Gyoza Main Cut

Enjoy Baseball & Rugby Gyoza

The dumplings are made of our famous yaki-gyoza bean paste and shaped into baseball and rugby balls, respectively. Just like the "Enjoy Baseball" made famous by Keio High School, the winner of this year's summer Koshien (the National High School Baseball Championship), we took a free-thinking approach in making the gyoza to create a dish that can be enjoyed both to look at and to eat. The baseball is a steamed gyoza and the rugby ball is a deep-fried gyoza, so you can enjoy two kinds of gyoza at once.

Cross section of a gyoza

Reflecting the owner's "Enjoy Gyoza" spirit, you can enjoy a comparison of fried gyoza (left) and steamed gyoza (right).

Enjoy Baseball & Rugby Gyoza" is a unique and jumbo dish.

Each plate of the "Enjoy Baseball & Rugby Gyoza" is a "jumbo" size, consisting of a baseball-shaped gyoza (approx. 100 g) and a rugby ball-shaped gyoza (approx. 100 g), which together weigh approximately 200 g, in reference to the "Year-End Jumbo Lottery". A complete serving is equivalent to about 8 of our yaki-gyoza, making it a satisfying meal. The chives that fill the plate can be sprinkled with the sauce and eaten. This is a double meaning.

Size comparison with regular gyoza

The two gyoza dumplings together are equivalent to about 8 regular yaki-gyoza dumplings (photo on right).

Sales period, price, quantity and campaign benefits

Enjoy Baseball & Rugby Gyoza" will be available from November 21 (Tuesday) to December 22 (Friday), the same period as the year-end jumbo lottery ticket sales, for ¥1,500 (including tax) with a draft beer, in limited quantities of five plates per day.

Customers who order this menu item will also receive one "year-end jumbo lottery ticket" (worth 300 yen), with the first prize of 700 million yen per plate.

Lottery ticket, set with draft beer

The set includes draft beer and a year-end jumbo lottery ticket for 1,500 yen including tax is quite a bargain. 5 plates per day are limited, so order early.

The lottery ticket in the photo is last year's year-end jumbo lottery ticket.

A word from the owner

I have been a lottery fan for 30 years, but I love watching sports as much as I love winning the lottery. This year, the baseball world was especially exciting with the WBC in the spring, Koshien in the summer, and the Japan Professional Baseball Series in the fall, and I was thinking of new winter menu items to take advantage of the popularity of these games. I came up with the idea of "Enjoy Baseball Gyoza," inspired by the words of Keio High School, the summer Koshien champion.

However, we felt that this was not enough, so we decided to combine the name "Enjoy Baseball & Rugby Gyoza" with "Rugby," another popular sport that left a big impact this year, to create the "Enjoy Baseball & Rugby Gyoza. Since the name "Enjoy" is a pun on the idea of ignoring unpleasant things (steamed) and boosting one's luck (fried), we decided to offer two types of gyoza, steamed and fried. The set includes about 8 pieces of our special yaki-gyoza, which is a generous portion, so one glass of draft beer may not be enough.

We also decided that the baseball and rugby balls would look best on a field, so we filled the plate with chives, which are also used in the gyoza bean paste, to resemble a field of turf. Incidentally, we used chives because we wanted many customers to enjoy this new menu item without being scowled at by people who are not baseball or rugby fans (laugh).

Furthermore, as a lottery fan, we want our customers to enjoy the jumbo lottery ticket as well as the gyoza, so we will present a "year-end jumbo lottery ticket" to each customer who orders. We hope you will enjoy Enjoy Baseball & Rugby Gyoza and try to win the home-run jackpot at the end of this year!

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