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Junior Tokyo Grand Prix Winners to Perform as Guests at International Cultural Exchange Party International Cultural Exchange Party

Embassies of 17 countries in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East announced their participation.

Tokyo Grand Prix Co., Ltd.

The Junior Tokyo Grand Prix is an annual competition based in Minato-ku, Tokyo, that provides health education to children.

The 2023 Junior Tokyo Grand Prix x International Cultural Exchange Party will provide an opportunity for the children of the Junior Tokyo Grand Prix finalists from elementary, junior high, and high schools to compete internationally. The Tokyo Grand Prix was attended by 17 embassies, and the Tokyo finalists made guest appearances and served as receptionists.


From right to left: Tokyo Finalists (1) Airi Jin (2) Maika Isshiki (3) Himaori Marukami (4) Aishin Nanasegawa, Tokyo Grand Prix 2023 (5) Mayu Misawa (6) Maho Sakura (7) Ruru Okafuji (8) Haruka Mimura, Tokyo Grand Prix organizer (9) Andonov Ivan Georgiev, International Cultural Exchange organizer

We would like to hold this event with the theme of health and welfare, which is one of the SDGs. We would like to share orthodontic knowledge to improve the balance of the face in a healthy and functional way, and to experience a big stage again and again to feel growth and to become a driving force to make dreams come true and to take a step forward to a bright future. We hope that this event will be a step forward to a bright future. The theme song of the Tokyo competition, "Cinderella in a Few Minutes," is the first song that can be used as orthodontic training by singing, and the Cinderella Award winner, Aishin Nanasegawa, made her debut as a singer. We will continue to hold this event as a place for children to play an active role in the future.

2023 Junior Tokyo Grand Prix x International Cultural Exchange Party Event Outline

Event Name: 2023 Junior Tokyo Grand Prix x International Cultural Exchange Party

Date: Sunday, October 22, 2023

Venue: Hyatt Regency Tokyo Century Room

Program: 12:00 - Junior Earth Tokyo 2023

       17:00 - International Cultural Exchange Party


Guest starring

Ari Jin(Airi) Tokyo Grand Prix (High School Student Category)

Maira Isshiki Tokyo Grand Prix (Junior High School Division)

Himari MARUKAMI Tokyo Grand Prix (Elementary School Division)

Aishin Nanasegawa(Ako) Junya Maesako Cinderella Award Grand Prix

Sumo Experience

Sumo Experience

Tokyo Competition Directors

Tokyo Games Director

Walking instructor

President, J's Dance Academy

President, ART DANCE JAPAN Co.

Jun Tanaka

Tokyo Competition Advisor

Special judge

Speech Instructor

AMK Communication Representative

Kayoko Yashiro

Tokyo Convention Special Supporter

Music Producer (Produced the theme song for the Tokyo Convention)


President, JCollection Inc.

Junya Maesako

Tokyo Games Ambassador (Security)

President, Zenwa Security Service Co.

Ranked 7th in the world in wrestling

Certified SDGs lecturer

Hideyuki Otozumi

Tokyo Games Technical Supporter

Sokkyo Grand Prix JBT Moderator

President, Frontier Inc.

Satoshi Murata

Tokyo Convention Producer

International Cultural Exchange Organizer


Andonov Ivan Georgiev

Director of Video Production, Tokyo Games

Former professional rugby player

Kouki Zaida

Tokyo Games Organizer

Director, Aoba no Megumi Medical Corporation

Director, Haruka Clinic (Facial Muscle Balance Specialist)

Haruka Mimura

Cooperation for Tokyo Convention

Tokyo Convention Certified SDGs

Tomoyo Segawa Lecturer

Tokyo SDGs

Kozueya Kozuekai, Lecturer

International Cultural Exchange Toast

Tokyo Federation of Commerce and Industry

Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Dr. Akira Ono

General host

Magician Yukie

Yuki Esashiya

International Cultural Exchange Consecutive Interpreter

Yoshie Minami

Tokyo 2023 Prizes

Tokyo Grand Prix: 100,000 yen

Expression muscle treatment 100,000 yen

Tokyo Runner-up Prize: 50,000 yen

Tokyo Runner-up Prize: 50,000 yen (Expression Muscle Therapy: 50,000 yen)

Tokyo BIGECHO Prize

Tokyo BIGECHO Prize (by Dai-ichi Kosho)

Tokyo Grand Prix: One person from each of the elementary, junior high, and high schools will receive a karaoke passport for one year.

Tokyo Grand Prix Six winners from the entire Tokyo Competition Runner-Up: Six six-month karaoke passport

Kayoko Yashiro Speech Design Award

5 winners of 10,000 yen book card

Andonov Selection Award

Three participants from the entire competition will receive a preserved flower

All participants will receive original Bulgarian products

Jun Style Queen Award

Ballroom dance lesson for parents and children for 3 persons

Junya Maesako Perfect Voice Award

Voice training experience for 3 participants

Timeless Co.

Branding Movie Award

All participants will be provided with a video of the day's event

Frontier Corporation Environmental Award

A product that cuts electricity costs for air conditioners by 20%.

All participants

Medical Corporation Healthy Beauty Ambassador Award

*Advertisement appearance

The following is for all participants

*Dental products will be presented

*Tokyo finalist tiara and sash

*Expression muscle training lesson (orthodontics)

Special Cooperation BIGECHO (Daiichi Kosho)

Sponsor Tokyo Grand Prix Co.

Co-sponsor Aoba no Megumi Medical Corporation

Thank you to everyone involved!


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