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Respecting Inner Beauty and Selecting Women of Humanistic Attractiveness Japan World Pageants" Call for Entries Open until November 30


Shoaibi Creation Inc. is accepting entries until November 30, 2023 ( Thursday) for the 2024 "Japan World Pageants," a Mrs. contest to select a woman to represent Japan at the "Mrs. International Global," a world-class competition hosted by Malaysia. International Global", the world's largest international pageant.

Japan World Pageants

Outline of the Contest

Contest name: Japan World Pageants 2024

Contest Entry Guidelines:

Final Deadline for Entries: Thursday, November 30, 2023

Japan World Pageants is a contest to select a woman to represent Japan in "Mrs. International Global," a world-class competition hosted by Malaysia.

This competition respects not only external appearance, such as height and looks, but also internal beauty, and selects women who are attractive from a human perspective.

We hope that you will shine, challenge, and move forward as a woman, not as a mother, wife, or office worker, but as a woman.

Mrs. International Global" invited national representatives from all over the world in 2018, and was covered by Missosology, StarMetro, and TheSun in 2019, with worldwide coverage. Mrs. International Global was created with the goal of fostering autonomy and self-love among women who have been married.

Japan National Director: Miyabi Miura

We received the honor of winning the first five Grand Prix of the World Convention in 2018.

She is currently the organizer of "Mrs. Japan International Global" and "Japan World Pageants," which combines Japan's own categories.

National Director Miyabi Miura

In "Mrs. Japan International Global," we aim to create truly beautiful women, both externally and internally, who are loving, honest, humble, and compassionate, and whose aura exuding from such hearts can be felt by everyone around them, making them feel comfortable just by being with them.

We respect the inner beauty that shines not only on the outside, but also on the inside, which shines with love for others, love for self, culture, and bravery.

I believe that when women shine, it has a positive impact on men and revitalizes the world as a whole.

I hope that as many truly beautiful people as possible will become a part of our society.

Japan World Pageants

Japan World Pageants is looking for people who

1. want to change their past selves

(2) Want to go out into the world and grab various opportunities

3. want to challenge their own potential

4. want to become beautiful from both inside and outside

5. want to improve themselves

6. to interact with like-minded people

Introduction of Contest Categories

Mrs. Japan International Global

Mrs. Japan International Global

A globally recognized competition with its headquarters in Malaysia and managed by the MMW Group.

Mrs. Japan International Global 【Mrs. Japan International Global Category】 This is a globally recognized competition managed by the MMW Group and headquartered in Malaysia.

Classic category: 45 years old and up

Applicants must fall under one of the following categories

Married, have a marital status, or have a history of childbirth.

Japan World Pageants Category

Flora 20s

Aurora 30s

Diana 40s

Veunus 50s

Juno 60s and over

Anyone over 21 years old, with no upper age limit, including Misses, Mrs., and single mothers, is eligible.

Contest Details

Official website for 2021:

Official homepage for 2022:

Official homepage for 2023: