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The 4th Qingdao Multinational Leaders Summit Opens Interview with Managing Executive Officer of ORIX (China) Industrial Holding Co. ORIX (China) Corporation

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At the 4th Qingdao Multinational Leaders Summit, which officially opened on October 10, 2023, IFENG Qingdao spoke with top executives from major multinational companies to hear their opinions and suggestions on Qingdao and China's economic development, business environment, and investment trends, as well as to hear their "impressions" and "expectations" of Qingdao and their We also conducted direct interviews about their "impressions," "expectations," and "ties with Qingdao.

As the first part of this series, we are publishing an interview with Yoshinori Ogawa, Managing Executive Officer and CEO of ORIX (China) Industrial Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as ORIX).

By hosting this summit, Qingdao has once again come to the attention of the world and has demonstrated that it has the ability to develop with perseverance. Since this is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate its presence to the world, to raise confidence in its comprehensive economic development, and to tell the world the "Qingdao Story" of China's economic development in the new era, we have specially planned a serial column, "Qingdao@World Multinationals Talk about Qingdao".

Yoshinori Ogawa, CEO

Interview Contents

On October 10, 2023, IFENG Qingdao conducted an exclusive interview with Yoshinori Ogawa, CEO of ORIX Corporation.

Mr. Yoshinori Ogawa stated that ORIX chose Qingdao mainly because of its "excellent geographical location, rich industrial structure, proactive cooperative attitude, and speedy response.

When ORIX established its business in China, "Qingdao was very enthusiastic, and they were very responsive to us during the various negotiations," he said. Our partners at the government level and in various sectors have also been very positive and cooperative." ORIX considered several cities in China as candidates for the project.

The establishment of ORIX took only a few months from formal negotiations until the project was ready, and Qingdao's geographic location and industrial structure also offered advantages for partnering with a Japanese company.

Qingdao is geographically very close to Japan, which is a great advantage in terms of location," he said. In terms of industrial structure, Qingdao is home to major Chinese companies such as Haier, Hisense, Qingdao Beer, and AUCMA, and the industrial structure is very diversified, which is very helpful for us Japanese companies to partner with Chinese companies.

■Highly appreciates the cooperative attitude of Qingdao City in the later stages of negotiations.

"Now that the company has been officially established, we have faced several challenges in new areas. In addition to the joint investment with Qingdao Haiyuan Group, we also received advice and support from the Qingdao municipal government on various policies, as well as introductions to major companies in Qingdao City and Shandong Province."

■Recognizing Qingdao's excellent business environment, ORIX expressed its desire to further deepen its strategic partnership with Qingdao.

"Continuous business development is the main purpose of establishing ORIX Industry in Qingdao. Without being restricted by field, we would like to first expand our business in areas such as large health industry, new energy, and environmental protection."

Company Profile

Company Name : ORIX (China) Industry Holding Co.

Representative : Yoshinori Ogawa, CEO

Establishment : September 2021

Business : Leasing, equity investment, other financial services