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The world-class cybersecurity international conference, CODE BLUE 2023, announces the entire program including OpenTalks and contests. Pre-registration is available until November 2nd.

CODE BLUE Executive Committee

The CODE BLUE Executive Committee today announced the full program for CODE BLUE 2023, Japan’s premier international cybersecurity conference being held from November 8th to 9th, 2023 in Akasaka, Tokyo. 


This announcement follows the press release of the timetable announced on Tuesday, September 26, 2023, and introduces "OpenTalks" by sponsor companies, as well as events that will be held in the contest and workshop area.

The deadline for pre-registration for participation is Thursday, November 2, 2023. Please visit the official website for more information on press pre-registration,

■ CODE BLUE 2023 OpenTalks Schedule(Track 2)

●Day 1(November 8)

[time  Lecture titles(Speakers *Titles omitted)]

10:00 Unveiling Identity Bad Practices Through AI-driven Identity 

            Attack Surface Visibility

     (CyCraft Japan Corporation, Hirokazu Murakami)

10:40 Learning from case studies in the Linux kernel

            : Vulnerabilities human should discover

           (Flatt Security Inc., Ryota Shiga)

11:20 CRQ-based Cyber Security Risk Management   

           (MS&AD InterRisk Research & Consulting, Inc./Kovrr Inc.      

            Shalom Bublil)

           ※Screening recorded talks

13:35 Product security testing flow and implementation points provided 

            by PwC

     (PwC Consulting LLC, Waguri Naohide)

14:30 Escaping from WebApp Sandbox in Microsoft Azure 

     (GMO Cybersecurity by Ierae, Inc.

            Ruslan Sayfiev / Denis Faiustov)

15:45 [Title will be announced later]

     (SB Technology Corp.)

16:25 IoT Threat Intelligence at Panasonic 

          ~Journey to protect home electronics~

     (Panasonic Holdings Corporation 

           Yuki Osawa / Satoshi Ito / Satoru Higuchi)

●Day 2(November 9)

[time  Lecture titles(Speakers *Titles omitted)]

10:00   Connecting, Expanding and Deepening the Security Community

           (Hitachi Systems, Ltd., Yuji Motokawa / Nunohiro Eiji (President, 

           Tokyo University of Information Sciences) / Bonji Ohara (Senior 

           Fellow, International Peace and Security Department, The 

           Sasakawa Peace Foundation))

10:55 Leverage of Malware Analysis in Fast Forensics     

     (NEC Corporation : Toshiki Takeuchi / Takashi Matsumoto)

11:35 Introduction of "Textbook for SOC and CSIRT, Version 3.0”

        - Building a common understanding between engineers, 

            managements, and supply chains using Recommendation 

             ITU-T X.1060 

     (NTT DATA INTELLILINK Corporation, Kimitomo Kawashima)

13:35 Security Risks of Generative AI 

     (Mitsui Bussan Secure Directions, Inc., Isao Takaesu)

14:15 "Rise of new security market" in the manufacturing industry    

     (VeriServe Corporation, Kazuhiro Takeda)

14:55 [Title will be announced later]

     (SSD Japan K.K.)

*For the full timetable, please visit the official website below. Please note that each program is subject to change.



■ CODE BLUE 2023 Contests /  Workshops 

● "Cyber TAMAGO :Share cybersecurity tools and ideas."

Organizer:Cyber TAMAGO

Date     : 8th Nov. 2023 10:00-17:00

Venue  : Room 402

Cyber TAMAGO was initiated with the desire to gather tools and tool ideas related to cybersecurity, exchange"likes", and introduce Japanese cybersecurity talents to global tool presentation events such as BlackHat ARSENAL and CODEBLUE BlueBox. It's for those who have an idea but haven't turned it into a tool, those who have created a tool but haven't shared it, and those who have made their source code public on Github but have never presented it. We aim to bring such "TAMAGO"(meaning "eggs" or "newbies") into the spotlight. 

We will host panel discussions with peers focused on similar tools, where tools are introduced, and mutual discussions about each other's tools are conducted. Centered on ideas, participants will bring their expertise for hackathons and plan collaborations.

●"Car Hacking Village :Come learn about the fantastic world of car hacking!"

Organizer:Car Hacking Village

Date     :8th - 9th Nov. 2023

Venue  :Room 402

Welcome to the Car Hacking Village, where we peel back the shell of your vehicle and show you all the awesome technology underneath. Here you can learn about vehicle cybersecurity and how to hack a car! We’ll also feature some of the targets for the upcoming Automotive Pwn2Own competition to be held in Tokyo in January, so if you have an exploit you want to test, come try it out here!

●"Flatt Security Speedrun CTF :Easy CTF in a speedrun format by Flatt Security Inc."

Organizer:Flatt Security Inc.

Date     :9th Nov. 2023 10:00-11:30, 12:00-13:30, 14:30-16:00, 

                 16:30-17:30(We assume that it will take at least 30 minutes 

                 to clear all questions.)

Venue  : Room 402

Flatt Security Inc. is hosting a light CTF in a time-attack format. Prizes will be awarded to those who rank 1st to 5th by the end of the event. We welcome participants of all levels, from CTF beginners to seasoned pros!

●"Web Hacking Lab for Beginners"

Organizer:GMO Cybersecurity by Ierae, Inc.

Date     :8th Nov.2023 10:00-18:00

                 9th Nov.2023 10:00-16:00

Venue  : Room 405

We have deployed some vulnerabilities in the website of the Hospital! From classic vulnerabilities to the latest vulnerabilities. As a penetration tester, try to find vulnerabilities and see if you can take over doctor accounts and even administrator accounts!

●Participatory contest(TBD)

Organizer:Hitachi Systems, Ltd.

Date     :8th - 9th Nov. 2023

Venue  : the Green

*For more information on all contests and workshops, please visit the official website below.

■CODE BLUE 2023 Overview

Date: November 8th(Wednesday) to November 9th(Thursday), 2023

Venue: Akasaka Intercity Conference(Akasaka Intercity AIR 4F)

Organizer: CODE BLUE Executive Committee

Operation: CODE BLUE Secretariat(BLUE Co., Ltd.)

Price: <Early Bird> 78,000 yen(tax incl.): Registration closed

    <Regular Price> 98,000 yen(tax incl.): Aug 1st - Nov 2nd

    <On Site> 128,000 yen(tax incl.): Nov 8th - Nov 9th

        ※Please purchase  on site tickets at the venue.


Note: Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation available*(*excluding some lectures)

■About CODE BLUE 2023

CODE BLUE is an international cybersecurity conference where top class experts from Japan and the world gather. Celebrating its 11th year, the conference provides state-of-the-art lectures by cybersecurity experts and opportunities for information exchange and interaction that transcend national and language barriers.

By bringing together the world's top-level experts active in a variety of fields, we aim to revitalize and strengthen cooperation of cybersecurity in Asia and foster excellent young researchers in Japan and Asia.

Due to the spread of coronavirus infection, the conference was held online in 2020, as hybrid event in 2021 and 2022, but this year it will be held as an in-person event at Akasaka Intercity AIR this year*. We also hold a networking party to interact with many industry people.(*This year, we will hold the conference in-person, and will not be streaming online.)

Official Site:

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