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R.E. Company, Inc, Fiji's "University of the South Pacific" and R.E.C. Company, Inc. Encouraging Japanese Students to Enter Universities in Fiji


R.E. Company, Inc. (Chuo-ku, Osaka; Representative Director: Yuki Tada), which operates the Fiji Study Abroad Program "COLORS" (hereafter COLORS) in the Republic of Fiji, located in the South Pacific, has formed a business alliance with the University of the South Pacific (USP), a public university with its main campus in the Republic of Fiji (Suva, the capital of Fiji). (USP), a public university with its main campus in Suva, the capital of the Republic of South Pacific.

This business alliance has expanded the options for Japanese students to pursue higher education overseas and opened the door to enroll in USP.

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Background of the business alliance

Colors, operated by USP, has been chosen by many international students as a language school where Japanese and other Asian students can study English inexpensively while also experiencing volunteer activities in the local community.

Among them, we have received many inquiries from students who were attracted by the importance of the South Pacific region and the culture of the Republic of Fiji, and wished to enter USP. However, they had no choice but to give up on the idea of entering USP due to lack of support from Japanese companies in the enrollment process and lack of information on obtaining a student visa.

USP also had a desire to attract Japanese students, but had not been able to contact the appropriate contact point for prospective students, which led to our business partnership.

USP Alumni

Business Alliance Details

As an agent of USP, R.E. Company, Inc. will provide admission counseling to Japanese students who wish to enter USP.

*If you are an educator at a university or other educational institution and would like to learn more about the bilateral agreement with USP, we will connect you with a person in charge.

Our "COLORS" program is officially recognized as a pre-entry English learning organization, and students are encouraged to study at "COLORS" for 12 to 24 weeks to acquire English skills equivalent to the USP admission standards.

Normally, IELTS 6.0 or higher is required for foreign students to enter USP.

Admission to USP from Japan

About USP

USP is a public university established in 1968 with its main campus in Suva, the capital city of the Republic of Fiji, and is one of the few regional universities in the world. It is jointly administered by the governments of the Republic of Fiji, the Kingdom of Tonga, the Independent State of Samoa, the Republic of Kiribati, the Republic of Vanuatu, and other South Pacific island countries. It is a comprehensive university consisting of the School of Economics and Business Administration, the School of Law, the School of Education, the School of Humanities, and the School of Science, and has a multinational student body, mainly from South Pacific countries.

Tuition is approximately 1,260,000 yen per year (FJ$1=70 yen), less than half the cost of attending a university in Europe or the United States.

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About Colors

Under the slogans of "English Study Abroad to Update Your Lifestyle" and "Study Abroad You Can Tell Everyone About", students can not only improve their English skills, but also take part in local volunteer activities to experience cultural exchange and new values that they would never experience in Japan, while learning practical English.

As part of the English lessons, PBL (Project Based Learning) problem-solving learning is introduced, where international students think and practice what they can do to contribute to social issues in Fiji, referring to the SDGs framework.

The English curriculum includes one-on-one lessons for beginner to intermediate and advanced students to improve their English communication skills.

Students can choose between the popular homestay option or a fully-equipped flat dormitory.

One of the attractions of this program is that the cost of studying in Fiji is less than half that of Western countries. Fiji is not a gun society and has a low crime rate compared to other countries, so parents can feel safe while studying in Fiji.


From USP staff: Mr. Nagasaki

"Compared to my university, I make friends 7 times faster at USP!"

I was impressed by these words from a Japanese university student who came to USP as an exchange student. This is because this comment clearly expresses how friendly the people of Fiji and other South Pacific countries are.

It is not only because Fijians are friendly that it is easy to forge connections. One of the main reasons is that they listen carefully to the poor English of international students, and it is also easy to understand the English that Fijians speak as a second language.

It has been pointed out that countries in the South Pacific such as Tuvalu and Kiribati may sink in the near future due to global warming.

By studying abroad in a country where climate change is a major challenge that humanity must cooperate with each other to overcome, students will have the opportunity to think about what they can do as a member of society and cultivate an attitude of tackling diverse social issues as if they were their own. Living together with people from other countries that you may not have the opportunity to meet while living in Japan is full of experiences that are different from those of other Japanese people, and this leads to a great deal of self-confidence.

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