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New Publication "Jomon Jindai-moji: Super Wave Motion Therapy Method" Published! Publication Commemorative Lecture to be held in Tokushima Prefecture on Saturday, October 7, 2012!

一般社団法人個性分析士協会 神代文字事務局

The Jindai-moji Office of the Association of Individuality Analysts (located in Tokushima City) invites Mr. Takao Katano, the author of "Kenrinkai" (Chiba Prefecture), to Tokushima to give a commemorative lecture on October 7, 2023 from 1:00 to 3:00 pm on his new book, Jomon Jindai-moji "Super Wave Motion Treatment Method" (Publisher: Hikarland). The lecture will be held from 00:00 to 15:00.

Jomon Jindaiji "Super Wave Motion Therapy Method" New Publication Commemorative Lecture Banner

Outline of the Publication Commemorative Lecture

Date: Saturday, October 7, 2023, 13:00-15:00

How to participate: You can participate in one of the following three ways

         In person at the venue (with self-care instruction)

          In person at the venue (with self-care instruction)

          Author's autograph (musubi character) limited to 30 copies

         Online LIVE streaming

         Limited to 30 copies ・Online LIVE streaming ・Viewing archive video on October 17 (Tue.) at a later date

Participation fee: Please confirm *Early bird special is available until the end of September.

Capacity: 30 people (in person at the venue)

         Online: 100 people (including archived videos to be viewed at a later date)

Target audience: People interested in health and beauty

Commemorative lecture: About the new book, demonstration of Katano Method, hands-on experience


Mr. Takao Katano

Author: Mr. Takao Katano

<Profile> President of Kenrinkai

Born in Chiba Prefecture in 1943, Mr. Katano reached a major turning point in his life at the age of 40 and went to China twice from 1983 to study under Master Zhang Guangde of the Beijing Physical Education Institute, where he was taught qigong.

In 1987, he obtained national certification as an acupuncturist and the following year established Kenrinkai in Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture.

He continued to teach qigong, qigong therapy, tai chi, and other forms of qigong, and established his own innovative qigong therapy methods, which have been successful.

In 2008, he joined the calligraphy school Reichi-Juku (led by Yen-Yuki Ando), where he learned 54 different Shinyoji scripts. He also studied Hotsuma and Katakamuna on his own, and developed his own treatment methods using ancient scripts.

In 2016, he founded the Association for the Spread of Ancient Japanese Healing. He also devotes himself to human resource development with the goal of spreading the correct and widespread use of therapies that make use of ancient wisdom.

The prefrontal cortex of the brain is an organization that organizes incoming information and assembles new theories. The following two events have contributed to my becoming a prefrontal cortex type of person who does not take information for granted, but rather uses his or her own experience to make arguments. The first is about sports. I used to believe this and practiced judo for six years, practicing twice as much as other people, and ended up with a physical injury. On the other hand, I later began practicing qigong and tai chi, and found that while judo and other strenuous sports are performed under sympathetic tension, they are performed with the parasympathetic nervous system dominant, and do not produce active oxygen, which helps to maintain a healthy body. Another experience I had was during the Niigata earthquake when I was 19 years old. I went there to carry reconstruction supplies, and the scenery I saw there was that all the new bridges had fallen down on one side due to the earthquake. Surprisingly, the old iron bridge type bridges were not damaged at all. Through these experiences, I realized how dangerous it is to make arguments based on calculations in anything. After that, I became convinced that I would never believe in anything other than what I experienced. I have established my own treatment method by accumulating examples of qigong therapy on patients with various illnesses, and if the patient's symptoms were alleviated, I would try to find out why the treatment was effective.

Jomon Jindaiji Script

I have been using Somatid x Kinesiology to reveal the "Jomon Jindaiji x Qigong x Incantation" therapy!

Includes a special discussion with Dr. Junko Ogawa, a doctor of Western medicine and integrative medicine, and Dr. Kotaro Senoh, a healer of Somatid research.

Thorough examination of the Jomon Jindaiji therapy from cutting-edge integrative medicine, and the first public presentation of its amazing efficacy!

(Practice: with super illustrations)

Katano's original treatment method will keep you healthy until you are 100 years old!

The author deciphers the mechanism of resonance between ancient letters and the human body/separated spirits to deal specifically with back, shoulder, head, and neck pain, viruses, colds, mental disorders, heart, liver, stomach, and kidney problems, and incurable cancer diseases, and also embodies anti-aging himself.

This is a quick, super-health guide to healing all illnesses, including special discussions and disease prevention/treatment/practice methods.

Main contents:

Kinesiology (muscle reflex test) for integrative medicine

 Katano Self (Orring Test) and Kinesiology (Muscle Reflex Test) are the same!

The physical problems caused by energy blockage in the innominate and viceroy veins.

 Hotsuma futomani" is used to treat physical problems caused by blockage of energy in the nervus and the carotid arteries.

The way the energy of men and women rotate is opposite.

 Simple "Mobius Circle" qigong for married couples is revealed.

Improve the aftereffects and side reactions of vaccines.

 Treatment for "blocked large vertebrae

Hotsuma-grammatical "Awa-uta" and Ryutai-grammatical "Hifumi Celebration" to improve adrenal gland function.

 Improve adrenal function

How to cure rheumatism? How to cure rheumatism by phlebotomy, hot spring and fasting

 Katano's approach

Kinesiology has revealed that 432 and 528 Hz

 432 and 528 hertz bring the lost soul back to "here and now

Somatid, a microscopic life form linked to ancient Chinese characters and incantations, plays a fundamental role in immunity.

 Somatids are the basis of immunity.

Somatids are the true form of "chi" and the god of 8,000,000!

 Is it related to the flow of meridians and in/out of acupuncture points?

Somatids are activated by "Hotsuma Futomani"!

 What is the 8-letter spell that holds the key to this?


Book outline

Publisher :Hicaland (July 26, 2023)

Release Date :July 26, 2023

Language :Japanese

Book : 250 pages

isbn-10 : 4867422797

isbn-13 : 978-4867422793

Dimensions : 18.8 x 13 x 2.5 cm


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