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Sophia, the exclusive distributor of LMS365, visited LMS365 in Denmark to learn about the Japanese market and to communicate user requests.

Human Resource Development Designed from the Danish Approach to Flexible Work


(HQ: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Takuya Hirota), the exclusive distributor of LMS365 in Japan, visited LMS365 in Aarhus, Denmark, in June 2023 to confirm the latest development policy of LMS365 for Cloud, a learning management system in Denmark. The visit was a great success. During this visit, we were exposed to the flexible working environment in Denmark, which made us think anew about the state of human resource development.

LMS365 ( only LMS (Learning Management System) in Japan that can be used as an add-on to Microsoft 365. It is the only LMS (Learning Management System) in Japan that can be used as an add-on to Microsoft 365. It is a highly secure and convenient LMS that guarantees the security of Microsoft 365 and allows a single sign-on login for Microsoft 365 users.

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Report Details:

■Purpose of Visit

The purpose of the visit was to provide detailed information on the situation of the Japanese market and requests from users, and to confirm LMS365's medium- to long-term outlook and current development status.

Denmark is a beautiful Nordic country with an innovative business environment and a rich culture; it is highly competitive in the ICT sector, with progressive companies in areas such as mobile communications, software development, and information security. It is also active in digitization, with smart cities and digital healthcare initiatives underway.

The city of Aarhus, where LMS365's headquarters is located, is on Denmark's Jutland Peninsula and is one of the country's second largest cities and centers of industry and research. Advanced industries such as biotechnology and information and communication technology are thriving in the city, creating an industrial structure focused on innovation and research and development.

■Highlights of the Visit

On the first day of the visit, we had discussions with LMS365's marketing and development staff to share the demands of the Japanese market and solutions to specific elements.

Backed by a recent $20 million raise, LMS365 has a growth strategy and plans for major development, including AI, and a clear direction to provide more convenient tools for learners and material providers.

Having been exposed to Denmark's flexible work environment, we were keenly aware that flexible work arrangements, promotion of teleworking, and emphasis on work-life balance all contribute to increased productivity.

Sophia Corporation will continue to promote the use of LMS365 and play a role in improving the efficiency of human resource development operations in Japanese industry, enhancing learning efficiency, and increasing productivity through learning.

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