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TABETAI HOUSE Tokyo" is a community share house where you can live in close contact with the food industry, primary industry, and local community. TABETAI HOUSE Tokyo", a community-type share house Fundraising on CAMPFIRE until November 30


NIPPON TABERU TIMES, LLC. (Head office: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture; Representative: Sakura Tamaru), a PR company for primary industry and the local community, is launching a community-type share house "TABETAI HOUSE Tokyo" as a place where people can feel the connection between people and the community and the site where food is produced, which is often forgotten when living in the city. The house is currently raising funds for its operation on the crowdfunding site "CAMPFIRE". The application period is from late October to Thursday, November 30, 2023, and the goal is to raise 950,000 yen.


ZOOM live event between TABETAI HOUSE Tokyo and the production site

Background and outline of the launch of TABETAI HOUSE Tokyo

TABETAI HOUSE started in Oguni-machi, Yamagata Prefecture, a small rural town with an area similar to the 23 wards of Tokyo, but with only about 7,000 residents.

We were working to increase the number of fans of the town by organizing events to visit producers involved in agriculture, livestock, and hunting in Oguni Town. I was working to increase the number of fans of Oguni Town by holding events to meet with producers of agriculture, livestock, and hunting products! But there was no place for them to stay. However, there was no place for them to stay! With this inspiration, we searched for an empty house and started a DIY share house together.

TABETAI HOUSE Tokyo, operated in Tokyo, functions as a share house and event space with the aim of realizing a lifestyle where young people can come into contact with production sites and the local community in their daily lives. In addition, we are currently making adjustments so that it can also be used as a base for exchanges from rural areas to the city and from the city to the rural areas.

We hope to receive support mainly from supporters in the form of purchases of related products and services from NIPPON TABERU TIMES, LLC, the operator of the project. This year, we are operating "TABETAI HOUSE Tokyo" with the aim of making it a place where people can live and gather more easily and where many fans of primary industry and the local community can be born.

Young people surrounding a producer (the one in the purple T-shirt)

Outline of "TABETAI HOUSE Tokyo" Crowdfunding

This project will be conducted on an all-in basis. Even if the target amount is not reached, the project will be carried out and returns will be delivered.

Project name: We want to continue to provide a community-type share house in the city where people can be in touch with primary industries and the local community!

Period : Late October to November 30, 2023 (Thursday)

Contact: Crowdfunding site "CAMPFIRE


Target amount:950,000 yen

Returned goods: "Anyway, Support Series", "TABETAI Service Coupons", and "TABETAI Service Coupons for those who want to exchange or live in the area

Ticket for people who want to live in TABETAI, Ticket for people who want to live in TABETAI, Ticket for people who want to exchange or live in TABETAI former resident support return, farmer support return, etc.

Please see the project page for details. Multiple purchases are also available!


 *All supporters will receive activity reports and crowdfunding

 This will be a community message tool after the end of the project,All supporters will be invited to an exclusive open chat room, which will serve as a community messaging tool after the project is over.

Share House Outline

Requirements for moving in

We are looking for people who can understand and compromise with shared living.

Students are welcome.


Keio Yomiuri Land Station 10 min. walk

JR Nambu Line YANOGUCHI station 15 min. walk

<Nearby universities

Japan Women's University Nishi-Ohta Campus about 22 min.

Komazawa Women's College about 35 minutes

Meiji University / Senshu University Ikuta Campus about 45 min.


Private room 55,000 yen / Shared room 40,000 yen

Electricity, water, and other common service fees are not included.

One month deposit, no key money


Each room is fully furnished, WIFI access, 2 toilets, projector (Aladdin), 3 burner stove, shared bicycles, parking space, cleaning service available

Other details here:



[Introducing our home "Inagi City, Tokyo

It's like a movie world! An area with lots of nature and a nostalgic feeling as if you are back in the countryside

Photos of the town

Inagi City is highly regarded as a comfortable place to live, with lots of greenery despite its location near Shinjuku and other urban centers.

A particularly recommended spot is Anasawaten Shrine, which has a history of over 2,400 years. The Benten-sama enshrined in a cave and the spring water you can drink from give the shrine a mysterious atmosphere that is hard to believe it is in Tokyo.

User Comments:

Young farmers were guests at the event. Fans and connections have increased & vegetables sell out immediately every time!

I am Kazuaki Okitsu, a farmer from Yamato City, Kanagawa Prefecture. I met Sakura-chan at an online event and have since been participating in TABETAI events as a guest. Every month I bring vegetables from my farm to an event held at the share house, which gives me the opportunity to cook and eat those vegetables.

It's a great opportunity for me to participate in events and have my vegetables eaten in front of me and get feedback! It's like a sales event when I bring my vegetables as well, and they sell out every time.

Click here to read an interview with Mr. Okitsu!

We want to be a base for young people who are interested in the primary industry and the local community.

More and more people are losing sight of what kind of thoughts and processes go into the food they eat and how it came to be in front of them. Can you answer where, by whom, how, and with what kind of thought the vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish we eat today were produced and are now in front of us?

In Japan, there are four seasons, abundant greenery and water made by greenery, and seasonal crops can be grown. And because the people who live there work hard and diligently every day, we are able to eat safe and delicious food. Growing living things is not easy.

The producers who face this challenge every day and work at it as their job are doing it so that Japan's food can be enriched. To bring smiles to people's faces when they eat delicious food. To make their local communities thrive. They put their hearts and souls into their work. I hear that more and more children are growing up thinking that the food is grown and harvested in a processed culinary state.

Therefore, we would like to connect the city (Tokyo) and the region, convey the thoughts of the producers and the background and commitment behind the production of the food, create fans of the producers, and continue to be a base for young people to enliven the world of food! This is why we are challenging crowdfunding.

Delivering information on production sites


We are developing various businesses under the themes of "helping producers" and "increasing the number of people (fans) involved in primary industry," with the aim of creating a society in which abundant food can continue to be available. With everyone's support, our representative, Mr. Tamaru, incorporated in March 2020 as a university student entrepreneur from what was originally a student organization. We are now in our fourth term.

In our media platform, NOTE (, the NIPPON TABERU TIMES editorial department, consisting mainly of people in their late teens to early thirties, visits production sites across the country to provide raw, on-the-spot information as a book of ideas for primary industry. The book is a collection of ideas for the next industry.

With more than 8,000 followers on SNS, NIPPON TABERU TIMES has grown into a community media network for the entire primary industry, including agriculture, fishing, livestock, and hunting, and a fan base of young people interested in the primary industry, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

In addition, "TABETAI Design Department" is a public relations support service for producers and local communities. Regional Renovation Lab," a regional development division that aims to sustain and develop regions where primary industries have taken root. We also provide support for the establishment and operation of share houses, a place where people can come into contact with primary industries and the local community under the theme of "Connecting through food".

Company Profile


Representative: Sakura Tamaru, President

Establishment: March 11, 2020

Business description: Public relations business aimed at increasing the number of fans of primary industry,

Creative production business, regional development business, etc.


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