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Hybrid Strength Training x Aerobic Exercise Hybrid Training! Fitness game "Uchitore" for Nintendo Switch, released today, Thursday, November 30, 2023!


Announces the release of "UCHITRE" for Nintendo Switch(TM) on Thursday, November 30, 2023.

"UCHITORE" combines high-intensity muscle training (HIIT), such as squats and crunches (sit-ups), with aerobic exercise (Rhythm Fit), which increases basal metabolism by moving the body to a rhythm. This is a full-fledged fitness game that allows you to continue to train efficiently while having fun.

Hybrid training of muscle training and aerobic exercise!

<Game Overview>

"HIIT" for burning fat and increasing muscle strength in a short period of time.

[Expect after-burn effects as well!]

"HIIT" is a training method that repeats high-intensity exercise and rest in a short cycle.

In addition to burning fat and increasing muscle strength in a short period of time, an "afterburn effect" can be expected, in which the metabolic rate remains high for 24 to 72 hours after exercise.

[45 types of training actions]

A total of 45 HIIT actions are included, including "Lunges"," "Burpees," and "Crunches".

Most of the actions are performed while holding the Joy-Con(TM) in both hands, but some HIIT actions are compatible with "leg bands" so that leg movements are also judged.

Some HIIT actions are compatible with "leg bands," so that leg movements can be determined.

Rhythm Fit" is a fun way to keep fit while having fun!

[Increases basic metabolism through aerobic exercise]

Rhythm Fit," a menu of aerobic exercises such as aerobics, dance, and boxercise that are relatively light-impact and can be enjoyed while moving to music, is included to increase basic metabolism.

[Para para" and "otagei" are also included]

The "Rhythm Fit" menu includes a total of 20 exercises: 8 aerobic exercises, 4 combat exercises (mainly boxercise), and 8 dance exercises (jazz, samba, etc.).

The menu also includes such oddball dances as "para para," "cheerleading," and "otagei".

[Any style of play you like]

There are three menus: "Today's Training" for the daily menu, "Recommended Course" for the optional menu, and "Custom Course" for the personalized menu, allowing you to choose a play style that suits your goals and preferences.

[A lineup of star-studded voice actors provides support for your workout!]

Five instructors with rich personalities will motivate and firmly support players with not only appropriate advice on training, but also praise, encouragement, and pep talks.

The instructors are voiced by popular voice actors Ai Kakuma (Mei), Kensho Ono (Naoto), Mikako Komatsu (Gaby), Katsuyuki Konishi (Carlos), and Yumiri Hanamori (Emma).

In conjunction with the release of this title, an introduction video for each of the five instructors is available on the official website.

Mey :

Naoto :

Gabby :

Carlos :

Emma :

<Product Overview>

Title : "Uchitore ~Minimum 4 minutes~ Muscle Training & Aerobic Exercise

Release Date/Delivery Date : November 30, 2023 (Thursday)

Sales form : Package version / Download version

Genre : Fitness / Training

Price : 6,380 yen (including tax)

Supported devices : Nintendo Switch

CERO : A (For all ages)

Player : 1 player

Play Mode : TV mode / Table mode

Language : Japanese

Copyright : (C)2022 Pocket

Official Website :

Nintendo Store :

Game introduction movie :

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